Case studies

Case studies
Implementation support

Implementing existing project management system across entire organization

  • Challenge

    Based in Latin America, the client is an International Mining Company with an already defined corporate project management system, and the need to implement the theoretically defined procedures of the system in a complex organization with different locations homogeneously, and make sure that it would become part of the culture for all involved project counterparts.

  • Approach

    The project approach involved daily follow-up and detailed analyses of current weaknesses in the organization. Having identified the missing elements for a continuous application of the project management processes, we planned together with the client the implementation and execution to sustainably fix the methodology in the whole project organization. Key elements were identified, project management system material was updated, key elements marked and summarized in a workshop structure. Proceedings were explained and interactive trainings were conducted with every single area of the company, and implementation sessions per area were prepared, organized and executed. An exemplary project workshop and the daily support of all involved project areas, where project owners actively applied the procedures on actual projects, were key element to fix the procedures and activities in the daily life and company culture.

  • Result

    All areas were trained to integrate every phase of project management. The support in daily activities and application on actual projects, in “real-life” sessions and workshops, fixed the new procedures in the people in the organization. Involved project counterparts acquired the necessary knowledge and practice to apply the project management system reliably, but also to identify and establish synergies between the areas to optimize project execution.