Case studies

Case studies

Identifying financially and operationally optimized scenario for expansion

  • Challenge

    Based in Latin America, the client is one of the leading international mining companies. Presently running successful operations, the client was looking for ways to grow and expand current operations, doubling today’s production capacity. For this significant increase it was necessary to evaluate different expansion alternatives, operational feasibility, market and pricing responses to new product volumes, and financial overall impact for the company.

  • Approach

    Possible ways of how to execute the expansion were deeply evaluated, taking into account operational feasibility, financial optimization and market tendencies. Several dimensions were analyzed, such as market trends, pricing and cost scenarios, sensibilities, technological options and key competitors’ moves. We supported the client in advancing to the next milestone in the expansion project.

  • Result

    Detailed financial and operational results on most viable scenarios were delivered, along with complete documentation that included management presentations and documents with detailed analyses, which were reviewed and approved by the board.