Case studies

Case studies

Growing through directed expansion into emerging markets

  • Challenge

    Based in Europe, the client is an International Consumer Goods company that is already successfully operating in different continents. With even higher aspirations, the client wanted to expand to Latin America, one of the most promising future markets. Even though the client had already introduced its portfolio in other locations, it was lacking specific local knowledge to identify the necessary investments, best fitting markets to first enter and with which products to start.

  • Approach

    We built a team combining expertise in the specific consumer goods sector, with strategy and marketing and sales experts with knowledge of local language and culture. Having analyzed client’s actual situation and portfolio, we drew a broad picture of the markets, possible competitors and future trends for the specific sector. We defined together with the client the most promising strategy, both financially and minimizing implementation risks, for the success of the project. Detailed market study, data modeling and analyses, along with the realization of studies “on site”, put in perspective the most convenient sales channels, product selection and timing and marketing options per customer segment for a successful expansion.

  • Result

    The client implemented the recommended strategic plan and established its presence in the defined destinations, following the developed milestone plan and the clear recommendations on how to enter the chosen markets, being aware of the risks, country specific regulations, customer’s behavior, and considering the concrete steps of each action for implementation. After one year of implementation, the client is already well established in 4 countries, with considerable business volumes and promising perspectives to continue expanding into further countries.