Case studies

Case studies
Project Governance

Enhancing project results through successful governance with key indicators

  • Challenge

    Based in Europe, the client is a Utility Company. Having identified that project follow-up in the company should be improved reducing time consuming activities and increasing the transparency on project progress; the client was searching for practicable processes and measurable results.

  • Approach

    Together with different client’s project teams, the main steps for each process were identified, documented and partially simplified. Measurable key performance indicators for each project were collected and evaluated. Simplified and effective standard processes and process activities were established and adequate tools were prepared for different project stakeholder to allow a simplified project tracking and reduce time effort. In a second phase, the new processes were implemented to several projects to verify its practicability and to habituate project teams to the tools.

  • Result

    Measurable key performance indicators were introduced as standard procedure for project follow-up, improving transparency for management to track project results, possible delays and other issues, before compromising valuable resources. The client’s PMO department started to use the new tools and processes with satisfaction, realizing the improvement both in time reduction of weekly tracking activities, in new indicators of project health and transparency on key issues. The project tools were successfully implemented and remain in use.