Case studies

Case studies
Sustainability & Resource Productivity

Enhancing productivity with lean and sustainability principles

  • Challenge

    Based in Europe, the client is a Consumer Goods company. To stay competitive in its sector, the client wanted to increase productivity, avoiding common cost reduction measures, such as FTE reduction, and focusing on sustainable and lean principles instead.

  • Approach

    The initial analyses included raw material usage and outputs for production processes to identify sources of waste, operational flow to identify main bottlenecks and activities of each resource to evaluate current allocation and efficiency. After identifying cost drivers and productivity constraints, the team was able to develop and assess several initiatives for improvement and prioritize an action plan that considered impact and feasibility of each one.

  • Result

    By increasing efficiency along the value chain, the company was able to improve overall resource productivity (output/time) by 9%, maintaining the same resources. In addition, the client implemented other initiatives that will maintain high productivity in the long-term (without one-year effects).