Case studies

Case studies
Marketing & sales

Enhancing marketing and sales effectiveness

  • Challenge

    An International Industrial Goods manufacturer perceived to be losing market share against its direct competitors. Marketing and sales strategy hadn’t been reviewed for a time. In a growing market, our client wanted to come back to a leading position.

  • Approach

    A team with marketing and sales expertise analyzed actual proceedings, conducting interviews with key counterparts and modeling available databases of sales, investments, and operational costs. After profiling the client’s situation, the team was able to evaluate sales channels and incentive policies, adapt the product portfolio according to customer segmentation and define improvement initiatives together with the client’s team. Marketing investment per channel was optimized according to efficiency of each channel.

  • Result

    Not only the transparency on the marketing and sales activities perceived by the client increased significantly, the results were also measurable in an increase of consideration and customer loyalty rates, along with a revenue growth of approximately 5% over the first 6 months.