Case studies

Case studies
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Boosting productivity by reduction of setup time

  • Challenge

    Based in Europe, the client is an Industrial Goods company in the metals sector, seeking to improve productivity and resource allocation in its own operations. After a first impression assessment, set up times were identified as the main topic for improvement.

  • Approach

    A team combining expertise of operational excellence and in the industry sector was built to assess the client with specific knowledge and topic-related workshop to start based on already available client experience. Initial information was collected along with detailed step by step of activities from two teams with the same operational processes. An interactive training on Lean and SMED was held in several places, and workshops were prepared and executed to evaluate the identified practicable improvement measures and define optimized standard processes with targets.

  • Result

    MSCommodin helped train about 100 employees who were responsible to spread the new standards across the whole organization. The improvement measures addressed savings of about 18% of the relevant cost base. The enhancement of operational procedures improved significantly labor quality for operational staff. The identified improvement potential could be implemented and client’s own employees were able to take over and run the new defined processes and procedures.